A Letter to My Senator

September 10, 2013

I definitely don’t claim to know all there is to know about the scandals surrounding the NSA in recent years, but the amount I do understand does not make me a happy camper. Tonight, after reading a particularly frustrating new piece of info (referenced below), I sent an email to Arkansas Senator, Mark Pryor. I sent a similar message to Senator Boozman, but without the thinly veiled threats of witholding my vote, as I’d never vote for him anyway. The odds of this having any effect whatsoever is practically nonexistent, but at least I’m wasting my time.

Senator Pryor,

The NSA has gone too far with their efforts to break encryption, gather information on the American public, and coerce private companies to give up their customers’ information to fight the impending “threat” of terrorism. They’ve been much too careless in their handling of said information as well, as can be seen here.

I value my privacy much more than I value faux security via immoral means. Simply because the NSA has found ways of getting around legalities and dancing around ethical issues does not give them the right to collect information about me and my fellow citizens. One can call anything “legal” if one is making the rules.

I understand that you, Senator Pryor, are in a fairly desperate position coming up into the next election. I’m a Democrat through-and-through, but I will not be voting for anyone who supports the NSA and their spying on American citizens. This is also the opinion of my family and several of my friends – it’s a common thread winding it’s way through the American psyche. It would’ve been one thing were the NSA honest and upfront about their efforts, but they’ve been nothing less than conniving.

Please think of us, your constituents, family, friends, and neighbors when casting any vote or voicing any opinion on this extremely important matter. You’re in office during a very pivotal time in America’s history – please help take a stand and set a precedent of privacy, a fundamental tenet of freedom, for Americans.

Thank you for your time. I am requesting a response, though I understand your schedule is fully packed. I’m curious to know your stance on the situation and thereby know the direction of my vote in 2014.


Jordan Little
Little Rock, AR

Now, to be fair, Senator Pryor isn’t exactly known for being extreme either way on this issue, but you can hear his wishy-washiness on the issue on KASU’s site.