Jordan Little

Hi, I'm Jordan Little

I build web things

I currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It's quite nice.

Allow myself to introduce…myself…

My design philosophy comes from an engineering perspective. I tend to look at design projects as problems to which the answer can be found empirically through rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration. It's not so subjective for me – it either works or it doesn't. That's not to say personality and flair fall by the wayside – they're just used as tools to complete the goal, whatever it may be.

I have over ten years of experience as a front-end developer/designer and have created many frameworks for various clients over the years. I'm able to take a design from sketch to mockup, to markup, to working website using clean, custom templates with an eye on scalability.

Moving on…

Here are some logos I prepared earlier…

Some UI work:

Some Websites I've worked on:

Work History & Skillset

Graduated Bryant High School 2004
Owner/Operator at Digital Memories Videography Shot wedding videos using HD video cameras and top-of-the-line audio recording equipment. Edited using Final Cut Pro. Designed website, marketing materials, and DVD covers for clients. 2004 - 2006
Marketing Assistant at Jason International Designed layout and oversaw production of yearly catalogs. Designed posters and advertisements. Wrote, laid-out, and designed technical documentation. 2005 - 2007
Owner/Sole Operator at Shift Creative Managed nearly 50 small business and non-profit clients. Built and maintained sites on Wordpress, Textpattern, Perch, and Craft CMS. Designed logos, branding, websites, and web applications for some of Arkansas' biggest companies. Project-managed each job while designing, writing HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Successfully cooperated with and handled subcontractors from various states. Wrote, proofread, and SEO-optimized copy and blog posts for various clients. 2007 - Current
Design & Front-End Architect at Rebranded company, redesigned main website, pushed the move to responsive, and worked with multiple C# developers in an ASP.NET environment. Redesigned and built-out Perks' main platform in standards-compliant, accessible HTML5 and CSS. 2012-2013
Interactive Art Director at CJRW Designed and developed over 20 websites for various organizations including Arkansas Bar Association, WetNap, Stamp Out Smoking, Arkansas Department of Education, Oaklawn, Hot Springs, Hugg & Hall, Riceland, South on Main, Staley Electric, Oxford American, PPGMR, and many more. 2013 - 2014
Design & Front-End Architect at Inuvo Took a small template-based publishing platform and upped the profit margin from 8% to 20% over three months by creating a fully-responsive design that increased page speeds over 300%. Built and maintained a living style guide and framework using SASS that allows Inuvo to spin up new publishing sites in hours rather than weeks. 2014 - 2017
Director of Digital Strategy at Arkansas Times I'm at the Times to figure out how small publications – the lifeforce of a strong democracy – can make money online in the age of Google and Facebook. 2017 - Current

I hesitate to say I've "mastered" anything seeing as how things on the web are always changing and I try to stay humble, but these are the skills and software suites in which I'm most proficient:

  • Web Design
  • UI Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch App
  • Video Editing
  • Copywriting / Editing
  • Wordpress as a CMS
  • Site speed optimization
  • Source control with git and svn
  • General problem solving


  • C# on .NET
  • React
  • Nuxt/Vue (isometric JS in general)
  • WebAssembly
  • WebAudio API
  • Canvas
  • MySQL (SQL in general)
  • Laravel

Get in touch

I'm a go-getter.